13 Lies That Movies Tell Us
The website MentalFloss.com put together a list of 13 lies that movies tell us.  Here they are:

1.  A T-Rex can’t see things that aren’t moving:  Sorry “Jurassic Park”, but this dinosaur could still see you.  According to a study, its vision is 13 times better than a human’s.

2.  You can walk away from an explosion without being knocked over:  You’ve seen it in lots of action movies.  For this to be possible, you’d have to defy physics.

3.  There’s sound in space:  Battles in “Star Wars” are pretty loud, but in reality, sound (as we know it) doesn’t exist in space.

4.  Astronaut helmets are lit from within:  Unlike in “Interstellar” and “Countdown”, helmets are not lit from within because it’d cause visibility issues.

5.  Bald eagles sound majestic:  The sound of a red-tailed hawk is often used in movies, instead of the real-life cackling sound that eagles make.

6.  Gun silencers are silent:  Gun silencers only suppress the sound of gunfire, not get rid of it completely like you’ve seen in “John Wick”.

7.  When you’re arrested, you get one phone call:  Laws about making phone calls vary by state.

8.  Humans are only using a small percentage of their brains:  Sorry “Limitless”, a person using only 10% of their brain is a myth.

9.  Grainy images or video can be enhanced to perfect clarity:  It’s sort of possible, but not like how you see in movies like “Taken” or “Blade Runner”.  Photo editing can’t add facial features that aren’t already there.

10.  You can’t file a missing person report until the person has been missing for quite some time:  This is false.  There’s no waiting period before you can report a person is missing.

11.  You can suck the venom out of a snake bite:  There’s a risk of infection and it can enter your bloodstream if there’s an open wound in your mouth.  Besides, venom moves too fast for any suction tactic to make a difference.

12.  Chloroform works immediately to make people unconscious:  It actually takes two to five minutes to work IF there’s an unusually high dosage used.

13.  The human head weighs eight pounds:  “Jerry Maguire” taught us wrong.  It weighs around 11 pounds.


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