49ers Projected To Be The 2nd Most Expensive NFL Game To Attend By 2025

Being a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan is a blast, but let’s talk money. Since 2019, costs have been climbing, and by 2025, cheering for our team might hit the wallet harder.

According to BetWay’s projections, a family of four will spend $1106.80 to attend a 49ers game in 2025. That’s the second highest total cost in the NFL. However, that’s a distant second to the Las Vegas Raiders, in which the same family of four would drop over $2200 to see their team in action.

This campaign looks at which NFL teams have increased their prices the most since 2019. From this, a forecast was produced to see the estimated prices of supporting each NFL team in 2025.

Overall, 6 different factors were used within the data sets. The average price of a ticket, the average price of parking, the average price for a beer, the average price for a soft drink, the average price for a hot dog, and the average price of an adult jersey.

These are all US Dollars. The family total cost was calculated from the price of 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 soft drinks, 2 beers, 1 adult jersey, and parking.

On the opposite site, it’ll likely be the cheapest for a family of four to catch a Los Angeles Chargers game, with a projection of $544.35.

The NFL’s popularity surge has a downside – rising costs. It’s a balancing act, keeping the game accessible while delivering a top-notch fan experience.

So, whether you’re up high or right in the action, being a 49ers fan means committing, community, and rallying behind the team no matter the cost. As long as we’re there for our 49ers, the game’s excitement is what truly counts.