America Has Reclaimed the Title of…Loudest Burp by a Woman.

Well, it’s a good day to be an American.  We just reclaimed the title for world’s LOUDEST BURP by a woman.  (USA!! USA!!) Kimberly Winter of Spotsylvania, Virginia blasted out a belch that hit 107.3 decibels.  That’s about as loud as a lawnmower or motorcycle.

Her record-breaking burp happened in April, but Guinness just announced it.  The previous record of 107 was held by a woman in Italy and stood for 14 years. Kim . . . who goes by “Kimycola” on TikTok . . . says she’s always known she was a loud burper.  She used to get in trouble for it as a kid.  (Here’s the video Guinness posted where she talks about her burping prowess.) The record for loudest burp by a man is 112.7 decibels and is NOT currently held by an American.  An Australian guy blasted that one out back in 2021. So men of America, please get on it.  Stop making the ladies pick up all the slack. (These records don’t fall often, by the way.  The previous record for men also stood for over a decade.)

(Guinness World Records)

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