America’s First Gourmet Restaurant for Dogs Opened in San Francisco!

America’s first GOURMET restaurant for dogs just opened in San Francisco.  The name of it is the French word for “mastiff” . . . it’s called “Dogue“.  (It’s pronounced like “dog”, but if a snooty French person said it.)

It opened on September 25th and ONLY serves dog food, but not normal dog food.  The founder is a classically trained French chef.

He and his wife opened a doggy daycare in 2015 and started selling their clients homemade dog food he cooked up.  So that’s how the idea got started.

All of the restaurant’s food is human-grade.  During the week, it operates as a “PAWtisserie” that sells small-but-elaborate pastry treats for dogs that start at $5 each.  They also sell “Dogguccinos”.

On Sundays, they do a three-course tasting menu for $75.  It includes things like green-lipped mussels with wheatgrass . . . and raw filet mignon with fermented cabbage and a quail egg on top.

(Forbes / LA Times)

(Here are more examples of the food they offer.)