A recent study shared the age parents believe is the most difficult to parent. A study of 1,000 parents of teenagers found 75% think the ages of 13-19 are the most challenging with age 15 being the hardest due to pressure at school & their hormones changing.

Amy’s daughter Stachira just turned 15-years-old. So when Bobby Bones shared the study with Amy she was definitely not excited about whats to come. Though Amy confessed Stachira is already showing some teenager attitude to her mom. Amy believes it’s actually payback for all the ways she used to act towards her mom.

Not only does Amy now have a teenager in the house, she shared that her son is also showing some interest in girls. When Stachira had her birthday party at the house with only girls, her son made a point to make sure all of them knew he was going on a mile run. When he came back from his run, he wanted to know if anyone asked Amy about him.

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