You can call him “The Miracle Mutt!”

A month after mysteriously disappearing out of his family’s home, Brody the French Bulldog has been reunited with his San Lorenzo family after being discovered in Tijuana, Mexico!

After posting missing dog photos all over social media, Brody’s family, the Campbells, received a phone call late last week from Tijuana.

The man on the other end was Benjamin Gonzalez, who told them he believed he had Brody.

“‘He has a tattoo. Can you show us a picture of his tattoo?'” Debbie Campbell asked of Gonzalez. “And the minute he did I knew it was my dog. He had his tattoo.”

Gonzalez said he found Brody with a street vendor in Tijuana and that he paid $1000 to purchase the pooch.

He could tell Brody was sad and depressed and in a way that he could relate.

“I’m deported myself, and you know I’m out here by myself, so we could relate,” he said. “He doesn’t have family here…I don’t have family here, I’m out here by myself, so you know I was like, man, if I can return him I’m going to do the right thing.”

With roots in the Bay Area, Gonzalez was connected to the Campbell family and informed them of Brody’s discovery.

“He’s from the Bay. I’m from the Bay. It was just weird,” Gonzalez said of Brody. “I guess he was just meant to go back.”

It is still unknown how little Brody made it all the way down to Tijuana.


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