Bobby Bones is set to accept his honorary doctorate at the University of Arkansas during tomorrow’s graduation ceremony.

While talking about the exciting event, Bones mentioned he has yet to write his speech for the honor. He wasn’t given any parameters for the speech, but he knows that he doesn’t want it to be an acceptance speech for him. Bones wants to ensure he gives back to the people with a speech for them if he’s going to say anything at all.

He’s been debating what he wants his speech to be about, which is why it has taken him so long to write it. He’s leaning towards making the speech very pragmatic and give it to the students straight, "give them the bones about it." He isn’t leaning toward an inspirational speech, he just wants to be honest. All of his speech will be from his own brain or imagination as he admitted he hasn’t watched any other celebrities’ honorary doctorate speeches because he didn’t want to accidentally take one of their ideas.

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