Every day the Bobby Bones Show shares various segments on air. Those segments come from everyone on the show sending in ideas via text message or email. Some of the segments never make the air, and they might just turn into a rejected segment.

Today (May 3), Bones shared his top 5 segments he’s rejected over the last 45 or so days. Coming in at number 5 was a segment suggested by Eddie, Morgan, and Raymundo. They each saw different celebrities in real life and wanted to tell the stories. Eddie saw Jon Pardi walking on the street with some friends, Morgan saw Frankie Ballard working out at Planet Fitness, and Raymundo saw Breland at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. In at number 4, Mike D suggested we put trolls on blast. We find the people who have been leaving mean comments online, research them, and then share their names and personal information on the air.

Raymundo’s segment idea came in at number 3, where he wanted the show to guess what he did when he saw an elderly woman fall out of her wheelchair. He was driving and saw the elderly woman fall out of her wheelchair on a street corner, but he just kept driving because he was unable to pull over on the street. In at number 2, Eddie thought it was riveting content that he changed his pizza order for the first time in his life. He is no longer going to order deep dish and instead he’s switching it up to thin crust. Then in at the number 1 spot in Rejected Segments, was Mike D’s idea to send Lunchbox to a Nashville Predators game where he somehow sneaks onto the ice to handcuff himself to the goal. The idea was inspired by the protests happening at Minnesota Timberwolves games lately.

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