Brooke Shields calls into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the movie she’s in with Amy called “Holiday Harmony,” her podcast, being a child star and more!

Speaking about her podcast, “Now What? With Brooke Shields,” she said when you’ve been around for so long, there are only so many areas where you get to authentically be yourself, and her podcast reflects that.  She admits she wasn’t too good in the beginning but is getting better at it. She compared it to a book. With a book, you can work with words and get what you want. Whereas a podcast, you’re admitting things and not hiding behind anything.

She hasn’t been approached yet if she would do a reboot of the show Suddenly Susan, but if they did, she’d say yes in a heartbeat.

Her next project. Holiday Harmony, which also features Amy, comes out November 24th on HBO max.

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