Chris Janson recently released his new project All In so he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories behind the project as well as address Lunchbox’s beef with him.

All In features 16 songs, which was cut down from 35 songs. The songs that didn’t make the record, Janson pitched for other people to record, but he added that some of them may end up floating away. Janson has a duet with Eric Church on his album called "You, Me, & The River," which was written solo by Church. "Flag On The Wall" is another song on Janson’s new record that was co-written by Janson and Church. Janson shared that he was elk hunting in the woods with one of his sons when he received a text message from Church at about 5:45 a.m. The text message was a voice memo of a piece of a song. Janson heard it and really liked it, then he offered to co-write the song with Church to finish it up. But they didn’t co-write it in a usual way, they co-wrote the song by texting back and forth lyrics for the remainder of the day. Also on the record is a collaboration with Travis Tritt called "Things You Can’t Live Without." Janson co-wrote the song with David Lee Murphy and a few other songwriters. When they were writing it, Janson knew he wanted to do the song with Tritt. So Janson texted him to consider doing a duet on this particular song, and Tritt responded back saying "Oh yeah Hoss, I’m in."

While Janson was in studio for his new album, he also addressed the beef Lunchbox has with him. Lunchbox was upset when he RSVP’d +4 to Janson’s album release party for All In, and got denied. Janson admitted he has nothing to do with any of the RSVP situations, and he is a family man so he was sorry that Lunchbox and his family were denied. He didn’t even know about the beef until his wife showed him the Bobby Bones Show’s tweets. Janson brought Lunchbox a $200 gift card to Ruth’s Chris Steak House so that he could take his whole family out to dinner. He wanted to reassure everyone that he wasn’t rewarding bad behavior by giving Lunchbox the gift card, but instead he sees it as an old friend giving an old friend a hard time. He added that if you treat others with kindness and humility, it comes back tenfold.

Chris Janson performed two of his big hits "Buy Me A Boat" and "Fix A Drink," plus he performed two of his new songs "Real Bass Pro," and "We Did It Anyway."

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