Chris Stapleton Broke Kendall Jenner’s Shoe

Never thought I’d see the day when Kendall Jenner and Chris Stapleton (And Bad Bunny) were in the same room together- but it happened! And Kendall lost a shoe. Kendall Jenner showed up at Chris Stapleton’s gig in Nashville last Friday, and Chris rocked so hard . . . he broke HER shoe.  (???)  She posted a photo of her vintage high heel after the entire bottom of it broke off.  The caption said, “Went too hard.  My vintage couldn’t handle it.”  (Here’s the photo.) She was there with her boyfriend, Bad Bunny.  Chris posted a shot of them all hanging out backstage.  It looks like she got him to SIGN her broken shoe with a Sharpie.  (Here’s the photo.)  (After Midnite) New besties?

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