Crocs Announces New Crocs Cowboy Boot

Let’s face it:  Crocs are UNKILLABLE.  Every time they swing back to being UNCOOL, they storm back . . . bigger than before.  So, I guess they can afford to make some bold moves. Yesterday, Crocs unveiled something bizarre:   A Crocs cowboy boot . . . with spurs and all.  (???)  They look RIDICULOUS . . . but that’s the Crocs business model, and it’s been working. Crocs Classic Cowboy Boots will be available beginning on October 23rd, and they’ll run $120 a pair.  It looks like they’re only being made in black. For now, they say it’s a limited release . . . but there’s been a lot of demand for them, so it’s possible they might rethink that.  On social media, they joked, “These boots are made for Crocin’.”  (Gen Z:  That’s a reference to a 58-year-old Nancy Sinatra hit.) (CNN)


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