Not only did we commit to bringing Country music to the Bay Area. We also committed to doin’ some good! We jumped at the opportunity to help St Jude cure childhood cancer. We literally went into today with zero expectations. As of 7pm this evening, our total for the day FROM YOU was over $56,300+.

Your kindness is making the Bay Area look REALLY GOOD.  Radio stations across the country are participating with their own radiothons right now, and your generosity is pushing Bay Area numbers toward the very top! We are so proud to be a part of this with you.

We are asking for Partners in Hope. What does that mean?  We are asking our amazing listeners (you) for a monthly contribution of $19 per month.  What does that do?

1 Partner in Hope Provides a St. Jude Family a meal card for a week.

2 Partners in Hope Provides 1 platelet transfusion for a patient.

3 Partners in Hope Provides 5 days of oxygen for a patient.

6 Partners in Hope Provides a day of chemotherapy for a patient.

14 Partners In Hope Helps St. Jude Host the Annual Team Prom.

We are asking for YOU to HELP. Please join us by becoming a Partner in Hope. Send this email to a friend. Join us again tomorrow by listening to the St. Jude stories on the air or stream us online at Connect with the magic happening on the air.  For that $19/month – we will also send you the This Shirt Saves Lives T-shirt. 

We challenge local business, or corporations to donate.  Match one of our hours on the air. We would LOVE to tell the whole BAY AREA about the generosity from your business/company. We are new here in the Bay Area. Today, we learned that our listeners are amazing.  Thank you.

Become a Partner in Hope

Call, text or click this link right now.
text: HOPE to 785833

(you don’t need to wait til tomorrow… oh.. all of this is tax deductible)

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