DiGiorno Is Selling a “Thanksgiving Pizza” This Year

Have you ever found yourself on day five of eating Thanksgiving leftovers thinking, “Maybe I can put this stuff on a pizza?”  Well, now a pizza company is doing it.  But it’s not delivery…

According to PR Newswire, DiGiorno is selling a Thanksgiving Pizza, which features:  Turkey, gravy sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, mozzarella, cheddar, and some kind of “crispy onion topping.”  All that is piled on a thick “Detroit-style crust.”

As someone that LOVES Thangiving and the variations of Thanksgiving dinner, I can totally get on board with this.

The pizzas are not in stores.  You’ll have to order them online.  DiGiorno is releasing a “limited” number of them every Wednesday through Thanksgiving, starting TODAY.  Each one will cost $11.23.

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