Doritos Flavored Vodka Now Exists

You know you’ve got a sophisticated palate when you’re reaching for a shot of this:  Doritos-flavored LIQUOR is now a thing that exists.  A spirit company in Denmark called Empirical is behind it.  They partnered with PepsiCo, so it’s an “official” Doritos liquor.  (Here’s a photo.)

It’s supposed to taste exactly like their Nacho Cheese version, and it’s 84 proof.  So, 42% alcohol.  That’s a little stronger than your average 80-proof liquor.  They’re calling it an “uncategorized” spirit, but it’s basically cheese-flavored vodka.

So does it actually taste like Doritos?  According to people who’ve tried it, YES, it’s pretty close.  They infused it with actual Doritos.

It also smells like them.  A writer for “Food & Wine” said it has a “bouquet” that’s, quote, “brimming with the unmistakable tang of cheese dust.”  They thought the aftertaste was a little more like Fritos than Doritos though.

The evil genius behind this is a former chef named Lars Williams, who co-founded Empirical.  He’s actually been making Dorito-infused booze for years.

It started when an employee came back from lunch with a bag of them.  Lars saw the bag, wondered if it was possible, and started experimenting.  He’s been making small batches since then for friends.

They announced pre-orders would start today at 9:00 A.M. Eastern.  It’s not clear how many bottles there are, but we assume they’ll sell out.  It’s $65 for a fifth.

(Food & Wine / CNN)

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