Dr. Josie came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new podcast, answer some common animal questions and more!  

Dr. Josie is Bobby Bones’ dog’s veterinarian, and he puts all his trust in dealing with his pets. She is good at putting her feelings aside and not letting emotions get in the way of animals. She still has a human element and empathy if she must deliver bad news, but when she goes into surgery, she is able to take the emotions out of it and just focus on the work needed.  

Her podcast, In The Vet’s Office with Dr. Josie Horchak launched today with iHeartMedia and The Nashville Podcast Network. In each episode, Dr. Josie sits down with her co-host, Shannon Ella, to answer questions she’s constantly hearing at the office. Dr. Josie helps listeners navigate pet ownership through sharing cases she’s seen in her 18+ year career as a veterinarian, answering listener calls, and giving her weekly “Paw & Order” list of things she would never do with her own pets. Dr. Josie has treated pets from the high rises of downtown Chicago to the pets of country stars in Nashville. 

While in the studio, Dr. Josie answered some common questions she gets asked and shared how to best prepare your Dog for 4th of July. If your dog fears fireworks and does not react well to them, she recommended getting them chipped as soon as possible in case they run away because that is the best way of getting them back home. Most people try and make an appointment the day before and she shared that she has 6,000 patients so if you need to get it done, do so sooner rather than later. Another way to calm your dog is to have them take anxiety medication that is prescribed to them from their vet. She did share that you could give a dog Benadryl but it’s not as effective. She also highly recommended that humans do not take anxiety medication that is prescribed for their dog because it’s twice the dose of an anxiety pill for humans and would cause you to sleep for days. 

Another common question she gets asked is how to prevent your dog from barking every time someone comes to the house. She suggested a trainer, but a lot of the time the dog’s owner is the problem, and they need to be retrained on what to do to make sure their dog does not act that way. Dr. Josie also shared that you should be brushing your dog’s teeth every day, but admitted it’s fine if you’re only able to do it once a week. She also answered some myths like if dogs are colorblind, which they are in a sense but not to the extreme most people think. She also revealed that it is a myth that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans. It’s also fairly true that one human year equals seven dog years, but she does not know the exact science. Dr. Josie also recommended pet insurance, flea pills and crate training for your puppy.  

The first episode of In The Vet’s Office with Dr. Josie Horchak is available now with special guest, Mackenzie Porter.

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