Easton Corbin stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new music, how it’s been five years since he last released a project, perform some of his hit songs, and answer uncomfortable questions from listeners where we find out his relationship status!

Almost 10 years ago, on March 14, 2013, Corbin was one of the first guests on the show. His appearance on the show today to talk about his new song “Marry That Girl,” which is his first new song in five years, is a full circle moment. “Marry That Girl” is about appreciating the process before “I Do.” He wrote the song with Shane Minor, Wade Kirby and Adam Craig and the lyrics were inspired by Craig’s wife. During the writing session he told them that he knew he was going to ‘marry that girl’ the first time he saw her. That’s when the idea for the song sparked and it was finished in a few hours.

The single is from his latest album, Let’s Do Country Right, that came out this past January. That marked five years since he last released a full record. Leading up to that moment, he left his last label and took some time to write and work on music he truly wanted to make. That’s when he found his new label at Stone Country Records. He said, “They say you have your whole life to write your first record and those three years I took off, I felt like I had my whole life again to write a new record.”

Before leaving, Corbin answered some uncomfortable questions from listeners:

  • How much does he bench press? Not that much. He said a lot of people are much stronger than him.
  • Can he change a car tire? Yes.
  • Has he ever been in a bar fight? Almost, but no.  
  • Has he ever had to stop a show cause there was a fight in the crowd? Yes.
  • Does he own the red corvette he posted on his Instagram? No. He was playing a FFA event and the guy who put the show together had it and let him drive it. He thought it was cool so he posted a picture of it.  
  • Is he single? Yes.

While in studio, Corbin played some of his old hits like, “A Little More Country Than That,” “All Over The Road,” and “Loving You Is Fun.” Easton Corbin is currently on tour, you can find more information at EastonCorbin.com.

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