A list came out of the most offensive things you could do at a restaurant. It included flirting with the wait staff, holding a table for a long period of time even though you’re done eating, leaving a mess at the table, showing up late to a reservation, bringing outside food and drink to the restaurant, snapping your fingers to get the waiters attention, staying past the closing time and debate menu prices.

One of the top offensive things are the list was allowing children to roam freely in the restaurant. Eddie then shared that while his family was out to dinner, his five-year-old son went to the bathroom by himself. It was located next to the kitchen, and he was missing for 10 minutes. He found him in the kitchen hanging out watching them prepare the food. He was chatting with them, and no one complained that he was back there. When he came back to the table, he learned he shouldn’t just let his kids roam freely because they could end up in places they aren’t supposed to go and get in the way of people working.

The number one offensive thing to do at a restaurant is say you won’t pay for a dish even if you ate most of it. Lunchbox admitted he’s done that and said there have been times the food came out cold or food he asked to be left off was still included so he had to pick around it. In those incidents he felt like he shouldn’t have to pay for his meal.

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