Eddie & Lunchbox Call Out Morgan & Abby for Their Attire With Guests Again!

Eddie and Lunchbox called out the women on the Bobby Bones Show again.

Last week, they called out Morgan and Abby for getting dressed up when artists stop by the show… particularly males. Eddie claimed they do this every time a male artist comes into the studio, but not when female artists do. For example, when Cody Johnson came into the studio, Morgan had on a “nice blouse” and Abby had on a “cocktail dress.” Then he claimed when Maren Morris came in, the girls had on sweats and didn’t get all dressed up since it was a female artist.

Though Morgan stood up for herself and Abby. She stated that they actually were dressed up for Morris, but it didn’t fit Eddie’s “narrative” of them dressing up only for guys so he ignored their outfits that day. She also told Eddie to pay more attention to his work rather than what she is wearing to the studio.

But that wasn’t all, Morgan pushed back on both Eddie and Lunchbox sharing that the three of them had to take a photo for a client recently, but the guys didn’t bother to look presentable for it. Both of them knew they had to take a photo, and neither one of them dressed up for it or cleaned up their facial hair.

Check out the video here…

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