March is Women’s History Month and today is International Women’s Day.

To mark the special month of history, Ashley Cooke came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new music, how she’s not the girl from TikTok anymore, and the full-circle moment that occurred with her current single “It’s Been A Year.”

Cooke also shared that she just got a new jeep that she’s very excited about. It’s the stock version right now and she hopes to get a 3.75 lift on it soon. She has done her research on how high you can lift a jeep so it still fits under in city parking garages and knows 3.75 is the max you can go. There is a tradition amongst Jeep owners to “duck” each other by leaving rubber duckies on a Jeep when you see one. Cooke said people have started to bring rubber ducks to her shows with the show date and location written on it and she loves receiving them.

With the newfound fame, Cooke is learning to keep parts of her life private. When she does a Q&A on Instagram and people ask about her relationship status, she just ignores it. Saying, “It’s good to keep some things private now that life is more public.” In honor or International Women’s Day, Cooke said her biggest hero in her life is her mother, who has supported her to chase her dreams since day one. While in studio, Cooke also performed two songs; her new single, “It’s Been A Year,” and her song “Getting Into,” which she said is about what it’s like to date her.

Cooke is about to perform at the C2C festival in the U.K. before joining Brett Young on his 5, Tour, 3, 2, 1 tour starting March 30th. Then she will be joining Luke Bryan on his Country On Tour in July. For more information visit

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