General Mills Welcomes Back Collectible Cereal Squad Toys With Tribute To The 90s
General Mills' Cinnamon Toast Crunch 18.8-ounce boxes are on display on a supermarket shelf on October 15, 2021, in Arlington, Virginia. - More air in that bag of chips? Fewer flakes in your cereal box? You're not imagining it: "Shrinkflation," a tactic used by industry to hide price increases, is back in vogue. Facing the post-pandemic inflationary surge, partly fueled by bottlenecks in global supply and trouble finding workers, companies are under more pressure to deal with rising costs. Consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky, who has followed the phenomenon he calls downsizing for quarter of a century, says he has identified dozens of products in recent months that have seen sneaky price increases. He found goods ranging from Charmin toilet paper rolls to Cheerios cereal, to Royal Canin canned cat food, where the size or weight has shrunk, but the price remains the same. (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

General Mills is bringing back their Cereal Squad collectible toy characters in specially marked boxes of cereal.

According to ChewBoom, the toys will appear in Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisp and will be focused on the 90s.

Toys up for grabs this year include:

  • Buzz the Bee
  • The Cinnamojis
  • Lucky the Leprechaun
  • Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
  • Trix the Rabbit
  • Chip the Wolf

One of General Mills’ most popular characters from the 90s, Wendell the Baker, will also be available in a limited number of boxes.

Cereal fans can collect all of this year’s toys nationwide beginning this month. What’s the best cereal box toy you ever got?