High Temps in San Jose! Make Sure Your Dog Has Sunscreen!

It’s going to be in the 90s this weekend here in San Jose! With the rising temps, make sure you are getting your dog the protection it needs! If you don’t know, I’m pretty obsessed with my dog, Beto. He is super high energy, so he spends a lot of time outside running and playing. However, a lot of us forget that our dogs need sunscreen too! In fact, 57% of people never apply sunscreen when they take their dog outside and 46% didn’t realize dogs need protection from the sun. Dogs CAN get sunburned and it can lead to really serious issues like skin cancer. So make sure to take care of your furry friends when they are outside! It’s also important to note to use a dog friendly sunscreen, not ones made for humans that can have ingredients that can be toxic for pups.