Hot Pocket Cargo Shorts ??!?

Most Hot Pockets are consumed within walking distance of the microwave . . . but now, you could see someone walking down the street eating a Hot Pocket. Hot Pockets and an apparel company have created a pair of cargo shorts with insulated pockets.  So there’s a LITERAL hot pocket . . . and it’s specifically for transporting heated Hot Pockets.  (???)

At first glance, they’re normal, beige cargo shorts . . . but they have a cargo pocket on one thigh labeled “hot” with the message, “insert sandwich here.”  The pocket on the other side is labeled “cold.” The front also has a graphic of a devil that says, “stay heated.”

The limited-edition shorts will go on sale on December 12th . . . and will be available in sizes Small through Extra Large, on the Hot Pockets online shop.

There’s no word on a price yet . . . but the shorts will come with one coupon redeemable for Hot Pockets. There’s also a matching hoodie, but it does not include an actual hot pocket.

(Food & Wine)

(I don’t know about you, but I’d find Hot Pockets a HOT MESS to eat on the go . . . so be sure to stuff the other pockets with napkins.)

(Also, to be clear, the insulated pockets will only keep the Hot Pockets warm.  They will not COOK Hot Pockets . . . so it isn’t like you can be out on the street . . . vending Hot Pockets out of your shorts.)

(Although . . . THAT’S an idea.)