Kane Brown and Daughter Kingsley Prove They Are ‘Best Friends’ In Giggly New Video

At this point, Kane Brown and his daughter, Kingsley, need their own show. They are super adorable together, as you can tell from a recent Instagram video where Brown is having fun as Kingsley learns how to turn on the water faucet.

Kingsley gives everyone “baby fever” with her cute giggles as Brown sticks his head under the faucet and Kingsley wets him up. Brown captioned the video, “My best friend.”

The 2-year-old is definitely a daddy’s girl. Their videos are needed when you’re having a crappy day.

“Those belly giggles are the best,” wrote one Instagram user, “So precious! She is a Lil princess,” wrote another.

What type of videos do you like to watch if you’re having a bad day?