Kane Brown just released a new song called "Like I Love Country Music." He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories behind the song, plus he answered the most googled questions about himself.

"Like I Love Country Music" has been in Brown’s catalog of music since 2019. When they finished writing it, Brown admitted he wasn’t ready for it to be put out yet so he just held onto it. But when he went on tour this year, someone brought him the demo to the song. Restless Road heard it and immediately wanted to record it. However, upon hearing it again Brown said he wanted to keep it for himself. The song was written with 90s country in mind. So when it came to the promo photo for the song, he wore a cowboy hat just like he did when he was a kid. They also had him wear leather pants, but confessed he thought that was pushing it. Speaking of 90s country, Brown shared that his top 90s country artists are Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, and Trace Adkins. Brown admitted he geeked out when he played the Super Bowl pre party with McGraw. And recently he got to do a TV show with Twain and Travis Tritt, which was a big deal to him.

While fans anxiously await his next album, Brown has been sharing small details about his wife Katelyn singing on the project. He shared with the show that she is on track 5 of his new album. In their song together, she recorded a whole verse and sings the chorus with him. Brown said she was super nervous in the recording studio, but there’s video footage of him dancing in the other room to help calm her nerves. Not only is Brown impressed with Katelyn’s singing, he also calls her super woman because of all the things she does for their kids. Brown confessed he sleeps through anything (like earthquakes), but she wakes up to the smallest sound and shoots out of bed to help their kids. When they first met, Katelyn was 23 and now Brown says he thinks she’s over 20 years more mature than when they first started dating because of the mom she has turned into.

Brown is headed to play a hometown show in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the first time in 6 years. He confessed he didn’t want to go back home until he had songs he knew people would know, and he wanted to be stage ready. The last time he performed in front of a hometown crowd, it was in an 800-something seat club with only one big song out. When he’s not on the road, Brown spends time with his family and focuses his energy on his physical health. For the past 2 years, he has worked out at Planet Fitness where he has a community of people he loves to work out with including his security guard.

Before Brown got off the virtual call, he answered the most googled questions about himself.

  • Does Kane Brown play an instrument? Yes, he can play campfire guitar songs.
  • Can Kane Brown dance? Kind of. He can do old dances to songs like "Soulja Boy," and "Jerk."
  • What is Kane Brown’s neck tattoo? One of them means love, he got it with his mom on Mother’s Day. The one going down the right side is his daughter’s name with music notes.

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