Bobby Bones got pulled over for speeding 10mph over the limit. He was polite with the officer, admitted he was speeding and told him he deserved a ticket, but he only received a warning. 

Police officer Corey from Arkansas called into The Bobby Bones Show and shared that a general rule that they learned while at the police academy is don’t be a hypocrite. If you’re someone who drives 10-15mph over the speed limit, don’t give someone a ticket for something you’d do. He also shared that they have the saying “You earn your ticket,” meaning if you’re snippy with the cop and give them a hard time about pulling you over, they are more likely to give you a ticket. Even if they let you off with a warning, they will enter that info into their system so if you get pulled over again, they’ll see it’s becoming a trend and be more likely to give you a ticket. When asked if cops ever pull people over just because they need to meet their quota at the precinct, he shared that is not a thing. The only time they target people is for things like Click It or Ticket, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and other awareness campaigns like that. That’s when they are looking for a specific number of people but that only happens during specific times, but it’s not normal.  

The officer admitted that if he pulled someone over and they immediately admitted to speeding and that they deserved a ticket like Bones did, it probably would throw him off because it’s not often they hear something like that.  

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