Luke Bryan stopped By The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the project as well as share if a rumor on the Internet is true, and talk about that random baby he was performing with on stage recently.

The story goes, during his Las Vegas residency, he went into the crowd to interact with fans. He saw a fan holding her few months old baby. He decided to just grab the baby and started singing with it in his arms. He’s surprised he didn’t get in trouble with the law that night because he just took off with the baby and headed to stage. The mom then had to come up to the stage and get her baby from Bryan. He loved the moment because of all the craziness of a Vegas residency, he got a baby. The video was posted in so many places, even Bryan’s 14-year-old son texted him after seeing the video on Instagram to see if he adopted a new baby!

He also spoke about his new song, “Country On” and why he decided to collaborate with Jordan Davis on his song, “Buy Dirt.”

Check out the full video in the link above.

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