Lunchbox got an interview with Guy Fieri!

He got an insider tip that Fieri was going to be at the grand opening of his new restaurant Chicken Guy in Nashville. So Lunchbox went and there was a lot of people there, including some news cameras because it was a press event day. Despite all the press, Lunchbox squeezed himself in by the news cameras to snag an interview.

Lunchbox did a selfie-mode interview which was hilariously cringeworthy. He said that he and Fieri were best friends, but Fieri wouldn’t confirm it. He instead called out Lunchbox for not pronouncing his name Fieri correctly. Then Fieri stated to all the press that Lunchbox was out of control, and all in his face more than anybody. He also commented that he knew Bobby Bones, but didn’t know Lunchbox. Before being asked to leave by security, Lunchbox asked Fieri how much it would cost to cook his wife Mother’s Day dinner, and Fieri said around $20,000.

Bones was embarrassed by the whole situation, especially that Lunchbox said he was part of the show because it looked like Bones sent Lunchbox out to harass Fieri.

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