Lunchbox Serves As The “Street Promo Team” for Bobby’s New TV Show!

Bobby Bones is hosting a new TV show on USA Network called Snake In The Grass.

So being the big team player that he is, Lunchbox went out on the street to encourage strangers to watch the new show.

He acted like the show’s standalone street promotion guy, really hyping up the show and making sure people knew about it.

The first guy he talked to didn’t seem like he cared much for anything Lunchbox had to say. Then he took a different approach and went through a drive-thru. He ended up getting two of the drive-thru employees to listen to what he had to say. He told them to watch the show, when to watch it, and even made them repeat the details back to him to be sure they knew what needed to be done. They asked if he was Bones, and Lunchbox told them he was just the hype guy. Then he left the drive-thru and didn’t order anything.

Watch the premiere of Snake In The Grass on August 1st at 11/10c on USA Network!

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