The Bobby Bones Show recently flew to Austin, Texas for the 2022 iHeartCountry Festival.

While at the airport, Lunchbox made sure to ask the TSA agents about some celebrity accommodations. Lunchbox asked two separate TSA agents if they had a special entrance for celebrities. Both of the agents told Lunchbox that they didn’t know of such accommodations at their airport. Neither one of them recognized Lunchbox or bothered to ask why he thought himself to be a celebrity. They just seemed more annoyed with the question rather than questioning Lunchbox’s status.

Then Eddie also shared a story about Lunchbox at the airport with his mask. Airlines no longer require passengers to wear masks while on their flights, however Lunchbox was still wearing his. But he wasn’t wearing it to be safe or protect himself from illnesses, Lunchbox was wearing his mask so that no one would recognize him and bother him.

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