Man Sets Record By Going To Disneyland 2,995 Consecutive Days

There are people who LOVE Disneyland…people who HATE Disneyland…and people who like it ONCE IN A WHILE, but after an exhausting 12 hours at the park, they’re good for a year.  Or five.

Then there’s a 50-year-old guy named Jeff Reitz, who just earned a Guinness World Record for visiting Disneyland 2,995 days…in a row.  That’s eight years, three months, and 13 days.

His run stretched from 2012 to 2020.  His last visit was March 13th…the last day the park was open before closing for the COVID-19 pandemic.  He was trying to make it to 3,000, and was only five days away.

But he struggled a bit during the pandemic, and decided to make changes in his life.  And one of them was to stop the streak…and just move on.

Jeff’s record was just certified by Guinness, and he says he’d love to return to Disneyland and show it off…but he hasn’t decided on a return date yet.

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