In honor of Mother’s Day, Matt Stell came by The Bobby Bones Show with his mom Lisa! He performed his new song "Man Made" and the two of them discussed his childhood and the start of his career.

Stell’s new song "Man Made" was partially inspired by his mother. The song is about the women in mens’ lives who make them better. Stell was always inspired by his mom because of what she’s accomplished in her lifetime. She’s retired now and is currently the number 1 pole bender and number 1 barrel racer in her region of Arkansas. That came after Lisa was thrown off a horse two years ago and broke her pelvis. She used to be an educator for several years, and she got most of her doctorate done when she was a single mom.

When discussing Stell’s path to his career as a country artist, Lisa shared some major details. She was the one who gifted him his first guitar at age 12 in hopes that he would start playing an instrument because their family was very musical. However, he only ended up playing it on Christmas day and then it sat in a closet until college. One day when she was coming up to college for a home game, Stell asked her to bring the guitar. She didn’t think much of it until they came up to his college another time and he performed his original song "Sheepskin Road" for her. The song was about his grandpa and it made all of them cry. After that night, they told him he should follow music as a career. And when he committed to doing just that, there was no going back.

There’s only one thing Lisa doesn’t want Stell to do in his music career, and that’s cuss in his songs. She says "damn" is ok, but the rest are too jarring, especially the "f" word. She told him to think about his grandma, and if she would cringe hearing one of his songs then he shouldn’t put that lyric in there. Other than that, she’s incredibly proud of him and everything he’s accomplished. She likes to geek out and take videos of him whenever he performs, and she likes to then share it on social media for her friends. The night of his Grand Ole Opry debut, there were over 400 people that got tickets to the show from his hometown. Lisa shared that even the mailman came for it. She remembers holding hands with his stepmom throughout the entire performance, and they both prayed and wished his father was there to see it.

Before his performance of "Man Made," Stell shared that he has new work in the pipeline but isn’t sure when it will be released. Hopefully in the late summer or early fall of this year.