Morgan went to a wedding over the weekend and something out of a movie happened. She shared that the wedding was black tie optional, so it was very nice and expensive. But that didn’t deter this incident from happening.

A woman’s clutch was stolen with her phone inside and it had been missing for over an hour. So at the end of the night, the bride and groom asked the band to stop playing and then asked the entire reception full of wedding guests to be quiet. The woman whose phone was stolen utilized the Find My iPhone feature to ping her phone, in hopes of hearing it somewhere in the ballroom. Turns out it was somewhere still inside the ballroom because Morgan and other guests heard it.

That’s when they found out the clutch was stuffed in the back of another wedding guest’s pants. When his suit jacket was lifted up, the clutch with the iPhone was there. So thankfully the woman was able to get her items back, but the wedding guest who stole it never got thrown out or anything for his actions. Morgan recalled that the wedding had ended at that point so everyone just went home or to the after party.

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