Most Underrated Christmas Gifts.

It’s holiday shopping season, so what do you buy for someone who has EVERYTHING?  Well, you could just get them something practical that you know they’ll use.  Like . . . toilet paper.  It isn’t sexy . . . it may be boring . . . but they might just love it.  (???)

People online are talking about the most UNDERRATED gifts they’ve received, and there’s a lot of practical stuff on it.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Extra phone chargers and wire organizers.

2.  Nice sheets or towels.

3.  A nice tote filled with non-perishables, like soup, crackers, and cookies.

4.  A premium subscription to something, like Spotify or HBO Max.

5.  Restaurant gift cards, especially for local, non-chain restaurants.  So, NOT places like Chili’s or Outback Steakhouse.

6.  Grocery or gas gift cards.  In the past, it may have seemed like this is something you’d give someone and they’d feel poor.  Now, who WOULDN’T want some free money to use for gas and groceries.

7.  Nice, comfortable pajamas.

8.  One person said their grandparents paid their gas bill for Christmas, and they thought that was cool.

9.  Another person said their grandma would give them random toiletries, including deodorant, toothpaste, and Q-Tips . . . and they appreciated that.

10.  And someone said toilet paper.  In that case, it was a white elephant, and they got a 124-pack of toilet paper.  They said everyone laughed and thought it was funny, but they said “I’ve never received a gift as amazing as that.”

11.  Underwear.  (This one might depend on the circumstance.  Giving underwear to a coworker might be frowned upon.)

12.  A one-time vehicle detail or landscaping service.

13.  Quality coffee.

14.  A bidet.

15.  Socks.

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