Peeps Perfume! It’s a Thing…

Easter is still over two weeks out.  But you don’t have to wait that long to SMELL like Easter.  (???) Peeps Body Spray is now a thing that exists.  Bottles of it have been spotted on shelves at the discount chain Five Below for $5 apiece.  People are already reselling them for more than that on eBay and Poshmark. They’ve got it in two different colors, pink and yellow.  The yellow is “marshmallow scented,” and the pink is “strawberry creme.”  (The yellow one has a yellow Peep on the label, but the liquid is blue.  So that’s confusing.)

It might be meant for kids, but don’t let that stop you.  We also saw a video of Peep-scented body wash.  So if you REALLY want to drown yourself in it, buy that too.  (Here’s the video.) In related news:  The National Confectioners Association says our obsession with candy is at an all-time high.  Their annual “State of Treating” report just landed yesterday and found we spent $48 BILLION on candy last year.

Some of that has to do with inflation, but it’s still the most ever.

(The Impulsive Buy / PR Newswire)

(Here’s a photo.)

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