Reese Witherspoon Shares The Outfits She’s Kept From Her Movies

Reese Witherspoon calls into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new children’s book, Busy Betty, her latest projects and the outfits she’s kept from her movies.

Her new book, Busy Betty, tells the story of about a curious young girl who has big plans. She hopes the book teaches kids to harvest their creativity, keep your brain preoccupied and get off your phone and start something! She said ‘Betty’ is based off of her younger self. Witherspoon grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and both her parents were always busy working. She and her brother would create magic shows and fake businesses to entertain themselves. These days, her work takes her everywhere, but she still calls Nashville home. Her whole family is there, and she loves how friendly everyone is and couldn’t imagine living in a better city.

In addition to Busy Betty, Witherspoon is also currently filming season three of The Morning Show. They are more than halfway done and she said there is a lot of romance this season.

If she could only keep one famous movie outfit? The pink suit from Legally Blonde. She also loves the wedding dress she wore in Sweet Home Alabama, saying it brings back memories every time she looks at it. She’s lucky she got to keep the outfits for her kids.

A new Christmas movie she produced called Something From Tiffany’s will be out on Amazon Prime December 8. When asked if she’d ever act in another Christmas movie like Four Christmases, she said she’d love to if she received the right script.

Witherspoon has many legendary quotes, but the one she gets quoted back to her the most is from Legally Blonde.“What? Like it’s hard?”

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