A new study revealed that when people first start dating someone, they typically fake healthy eating habits. The study spun a conversation on The Bobby Bones Show where all of the married show members were discussing the things they faked on their first few dates with their now spouses.

Bobby admitted that he probably faked being a little more fun than he actually is with his wife Caitlin. He was always up for doing adventures and being spontaneous with her, but in reality he actually enjoys just staying at home. Amy confessed that she kept telling her husband Ben she would quit her job and move with him since he was in the military. She tried to quit the show 3 different times, but it never stuck. They ended up just not living together until they were 2 years into their marriage. Eddie made his wife think he was cleaner than he actually was. Whenever she would come over to his place, it would be spotless. But now he doesn’t ever clean and he always throws his stuff everywhere.

Lunchbox wasn’t honest about his finances. He would allow his wife to buy full bottles of wine or expensive things when they’d go out on dates. But a few months in, he said he wasn’t going to pay for everything for the two of them. Scuba Steve really faked his finances with his wife. He cashed in on his 401K so he had money to spend on her for dates like going to dinner, tickets to concerts, going to movies, and even getaway vacations to Napa. By a few months in, he had spent all of his 401K money and didn’t have any other cash to spend on going to visit her or take her out. His wife ended up helping him clean up his finances by giving him a system to follow that allowed him to pay off his debts. Raymundo admitted he lied about his height for about the first 6 months of his marriage to his wife Laura. He would always wear cowboy boots when he was with her so he had a few extra inches on his height. Finally she saw him without any shoes on and commented that he was shorter than she thought.

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