Stanford is Offering a Class About a Single Taylor Swift Song

Imagine finding out you spent thousands on tuition so your kid could take this class . . . Stanford University is offering a new course that’s all about a SINGLE Taylor Swift song . . . All Too Well (Ten Minute Version).

The original was on her 2012 album “Red”.  Then she put out the extended version in 2021.

It’s part of a special program at Stanford where former students are the teachers.  The class is called “All Too Well (Ten WEEK Version)”.  It’ll reportedly focus on “an in-depth analysis” of the lyrics.  (Fortune / People)

(So if you’ve got a kid at Stanford this year, look forward to lots of talk at Thanksgiving about what a jerk Jake Gyllenhaal is.  She’s never confirmed the song’s about him, but it’s what fans have always suspected.)