Study Shows Dogs Are Actually “Woman’s Best Friend”.

They say dogs are “man’s best friend.”  But are they really WOMAN’S best friend?  A new study found they’re more likely to listen to, and follow instructions from women.  And the reason is . . . BABY TALK.  (???)

Researchers scanned dogs’ brains while they played audio of people talking to dogs . . . to babies . . . and to other adults. It turned out the dogs’ brains lit up much more when they heard speech directed at dogs and babies.  And especially when it was a woman talking. The results showed dogs prefer baby talk, and don’t respond as much when you’re just talking in a normal voice.  But why do they prefer the ladies?

Probably because women are more likely to speak to them in that sing-songy way.  And their voices are higher, so they’re better at it. This part’s interesting too:  They say there’s no evolutionary reason for dogs to prefer baby talk, since it’s not a tonal pattern they use with each other.  So they think it’s something they learned from US.  We’ve talked to them like that for so long, it’s just what they’re used to now.

Check out my dog Beto and I in the best video I’ve ever made below!

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