The Most Popular Hangover Foods Across the U.S.

Hopefully you are not hungover right now while reading this. But if you are, maybe some food can help!

A bad hangover might not be the best time to branch out and try new foods.  But hey, maybe you’re a risk-taker . . .The site posted the most famous hangover foods across the U.S.  They didn’t do all 50 states, but came up with at least one for six different regions.  Here are the top things locals would tell you to eat if you’re hung over.

1.  The Northeast:  In Massachusetts, Dunkin’ . . . in New Jersey, a pork roll . . . in Connecticut and New York City, bacon-egg-and-cheese on a bagel . . . and in Upstate New York, a “garbage plate.”  That’s usually some sort of ground meat, served on things like fries and baked beans.

2.  The South and Southeast:  In Georgia and much of the South, it’s Waffle House.  But also, Bojangles biscuits in North Carolina . . . Callie’s biscuits in South Carolina . . . a noodle soup called yaka mein in Louisiana . . . pepperoni rolls in West Virginia . . . and a hot brown sandwich in Kentucky.  That’s an open-faced meat sandwich, smothered in cheese sauce.

3.  The Midwest:  In Wisconsin, cheese curds . . . in Ohio, Cincinnati chili . . . and in Nebraska, runza sandwiches.  They’re kind of like a Hot Pocket filled with ground beef, onions, and sauerkraut.

4.  The Southwest:  Breakfast tacos in Texas . . . Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili in Oklahoma . . . huevos rancheros in New Mexico . . . and Sonoran hot dogs in Arizona.  That’s a hot dog with pinto beans, tomatoes, salsa, and other toppings.

5.  The Rocky Mountain region:  They included six different states there, but only came up with ONE famous hangover food . . . Idaho-style finger steaks.  They’re strips of steak that are battered and deep fried.

6.  Out West:  Breakfast burritos in California . . . and loco moco in Hawaii.  It’s rice and gravy with a burger patty and egg on top.  (They didn’t list foods for Oregon, Washington, or Alaska.)

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