There’s a New Beer . . . Made from Air Conditioning Condensation

Ever since the craft beer scene exploded, brewers have been adding fun new ingredients to beer . . . pretty much anything you can imagine.

But somehow, no one has ever thought to use the condensation from the air conditioning units at San Diego International Airport.  (???)  Until now.

San Diego’s East Village Brewing Company worked with the airport to put that precious “water” to use.  They collected the condensate from all of the airport’s ACs . . . purified it . . . and then used that as the basis for two new beers.

There’s a West Coast-style IPA called “Hoppy Travels,” and a German-style pilsner called “Preflight Pils.”  Hoppy Travels has a grapefruit / guava flavor, and Preflight has notes of lemon zest, with a “bready” flavor.

The two brews were first announced a few weeks ago, but now they’re available at the airport, and the reviews are . . . pretty good.  Hoppy Travels gets a 3.9 out of 5 on the beer app Untappd, and Preflight gets a 3.8.  (Boing Boing)

(Here’s a video from the airport talking about the beers.)

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