Would like to introduce you to a real American.  Some may call him a hero. His name is Kevin Pohalski. He may be the 2022 (more patriotic version) of Joe Dirt? He has one of the most beautiful mullets and just when you think it’s impossible to improve this look- he does this? wow. We think this is going to catch on. If you are looking for something uber patriotic to do this 4th of July weekend, THIS is the play.

First…. you need to prepare and execute the plan.

Kevin’s PRO – TIP: “Make sure you tan good enough the first time – you can’t put everything back in the same spot on the next tan! You have ONE GO at this.  Be American, and do it right.”  

Then… America.

Photos courtesy of Kev’s IG:  https://www.instagram.com/the_kevinpohalski