Today is Tax Day! Here’s a List of Things You’d Rather Do Instead of Your Taxes:

Today is Tax Day . . . and VERY few people “enjoy” doing their taxes . . . even if they have an accountant to do the heavy lifting . . . AND even if they’re getting money back from the government.  But how bad is it?

In a new poll, people would rather do these not-so-fun things than their taxes:

49% of people would rather go through jury duty.

36% would rather talk to their kids about “the birds and the bees.”

26% would rather miss a connecting flight.

16% would rather spend a night in jail.

15% would rather swim with sharks.

And 13% would drink expired milk.  (This is starting to turn into “Fear Factor”.)

Those things would only get you one free pass on doing your taxes.  But hypothetically, what would you do to be able to live tax-free . . . FOREVER.

39% would move to a different country.

37% would get an “IRS” tattoo.

23% would “stop talking for six months.”  (???)

22% would give up sex.

14% would name a child “Taxes”.

And 10% would spend three years cleaning prison toilets.

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