Weird Foods at NFL Stadiums This Season

Recently, the Houston Texans made the news for serving Texans Firecracker Pickles at home games this season (Kool-Aid soaked flaming hot fried pickles). Well it turns out, there are plenty of other unique foods at NFL stadiums in 2022, according to Food Beast.

In Pittsburgh, you can get a Doritos Corn Dog, which is a Doritos-breaded corn dog on a bed of Doritos served with nacho cheese.

In Cleveland, you can chow down on the Funyuns Dusted Polish Boy, which is a split link brat topped with crispy fries, Duke’s Mayo slaw, BBQ sauce and Funyuns.

And in Philadelphia, the Philly Jawns is Dunkin’ Macchiato Cereal crusted beef brisket and Monterey jack cheese croquettes served with Rita’s Wild Black Cherry Ice BBQ sauce.

What’s your go-to at Levi’s Stadium?

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