What Was Your First Country CD?
19 August 2019, Berlin: CD discs recorded with music or data are lying on the floor before disposal. Less and less data is stored on physical removable media, and the age of CDs is drawing to a close. The discs are made of valuable materials such as polycarbonate, which can be melted down as granulate and used for new products. The panes should not be disposed of with household waste, but in recycling yards. Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB (Photo by Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Are you ready to feel old? The compact disc turns 40 years old today! What was the first country CD you ever bought? It’s hard to think back that far, but I think mine was “Some Hearts” by Carrie Underwood. Here are some to reminisce on:

1.  “Come On Over”Shania Twain

2.  “Taylor Swift”Taylor Swift

3.  “No Fences”Garth Brooks

4.  “The Way Back Home”Vince Gill

5.  “Up on the Ridge”Dierks Bentley

6.  “Take Me as I Am”Faith Hill

7.  “Here’s to the Good Times”Florida Georgia Line

8.  “Here You Come Again”Dolly Parton

9.  “Blue”LeAnn Rimes

10.  “I Am What I Am”George Jones